Environmental Responsibility

Hualdo farm is located in a natural and privileged area where it is home to a number of cultivar that coexists with a rich variety of wildlife. On the banks of the Tagus River the diversity of species is enormous, and this is one of the aspects that make the production obtained from this land so special.

For this reason, here at Casas de Hualdo, we put great interest in considering the estate as a single entity, this way all the work done on the different crops are aimed to preserve an environment that is considered our greatest wealth. The harvests range from cereal crops such as corn, wheat or barley, legumes such as peas or alfalfa, pistachio plantations and the main crop which is the olive. We also have a herd of the native Manchego sheep.

A set like this is considered to be a closed cycle as an important part of the farm’s production stays in it, thus serving to maintain the natural balance. Cereal and alfalfa serve to feed the sheep, whose manure is used to fertilize the olive trees and other crops. The soil of the olive orchard is not labored, this way grass grows freely in between the trees, up to a point where it need to be cut, letting the cutting on the soil so they work as compost. Same thing happens with sprouts and branches, which are cut during the pruning season and are later grinded to make the degradation into the soil easier; returning thins way many of the nutrients that the trees need.

Another aspect that is very important is the irrigation water. It comes from the river, but the use of it must be as efficient as possible. For this we have a number of last generation sensors that give us very valuable information about the humidity levels in the soil and the activity inside the olive trees, with this knowledge we can irrigate with the necessary amount of water. In addition, in the Hualdo estate there are two weather stations that provide information about the influence of the weather on the crops.

These are only some practical examples of how we pursue the coexistence of man and nature, trying always to preserve it as much as possible.