Elaborating separately and independently the best selection of our four varieties, we get the best of each.

This is the work of our oil maker (“oleólogo”), as he conducts the extraction depending on the desired characteristics.

Subsequently, after extensive tasting sessions, we decide on the final blend.For the design of this oil we aim at three objectives: balance, complexity and persistence. Balance, both for expert tasters and consumers habituated to premium oils. Aromatic complexity on the nose and mouth, because only through it we can get an elegant, sophisticated and interesting set. Persistence in the aftertaste, as to appreciate the nuances of a so rich set, there must be enough time.

This oil is intended to reflect the passion for a job and especially the gratitude to the generosity that nature shows in this land. For these reasons, it is considered a treasure and as such, it must be stored in carefully chosen spots and always under lock and key...